January 11, 2016

What's Up in the Tech World

Welcome Back!

I know we didn't really get any snow but this background really fit my mood as I sit beside my gas logs trying to stay warm. I am NOT a cold weather person. Welcome back, I hope your Christmas break was full of wonderful relaxing time with family. Before we know it, the spring flowers will be peeking through.

This week will be a fairly standard week. Lower campus, I will be with you on Monday and Thursday. Please let me know how I can help you. Upper campus, I will be with you the remaining days.

Technology Issues - What do I do?
We have struggled this school year with the best way to track technology issues. We are still looking at some alternatives. For the present time, please follow these instructions:
  1. If you CANNOT continue with class because of an urgent technology problem, please call Tracey Sexton (Upper) and Kathy Mansfield (Lower) and they will alert the available personnel. Someone will come as quickly as possible to diagnose the problem. (Lower campus, we do our best!!)
  2. If you have a technology issue that needs to be addressed but is not prohibiting you from teaching at this moment, please use the following Google Form. This will help us track these needs and the time required to fix them. You MUST be signed in to your google account to see the form.
HelpDesk Ticket

Remember the resource calendars
for both campuses:

Lower School IPad calendar
The green areas are time that I use the iPads in classrooms. I never use more than 7 so please feel free to book the remaining iPads if you need them. Also, I believe Maria will be talking about a plan to place 8 iPads in the front office on Thursday to make them more easily accessible to teachers at the front of the building (more to come at Lower School faculty meeting).

Upper School Resource calendar
The upper school computer lab is now used for four class periods each day. Third hour debate and eighth hour logic can possibly switch out classrooms. You need to coordinate that with Ben Cooper/Caroline Herron (debate) or Trey Bundrick (logic). Sixth and Seventh hour is computer applications.

Thank you all for your patience as we get back to the swing of things. We do have new access points in place on the Upper Campus. We saw noticeable speed increases when testing them. Please let a "techie" person know if you are having any issues with connectivity. We had a few hiccups last week but believe the problems are resolved.

I will try to have some exciting resources for next week!