MJPS Stage 1

Term 2 2016

Welcome back to Term 2 2016 after a well deserved break. The children are eager to get back to work and to catch up with their friends. Your continual support is greatly appreciated in building the strong and positive connections between home and school which are vitally important to your child’s education.

The following information is provided for you to better understand the teaching and learning programs designed for your child.

if you have any questions or concerns about your child's progress please contact their class teacher. The Assistant Principal or Principal can discuss wider or whole school concerns. Please contact the school office should you wish to make an appointment

Key dates for Stage 1

6 May Mothers' Day stall

31 May Year 1 excursion to Vaucluse House. 1B and 1Z attending

14 June Primary athletics carnival. Year 2 eight year olds attending

16 June Year 1 excursion to Vaucluse House. 1A 1M and 1V attending

Year 2 excursion around the local area. Date TBA

For whole school events please refer to the weekly newsletter

Stage 1 Staffing

Class Teachers

1A Areri Zouroudis

1B Gina Batziakis

1M Karen Middleton

1V Helen Vogel

1Z Zoe Baeten

2A Amanda Abeni (Mon - Thurs) Veronica Mihajlovic (Frid)

2F Brian Franki

2K Nickie Karas

2P Ani Peet

Assistant Principal

Nickie Karas

Support Staff

Veronica Mihajlovic EAL/D (English as an additional language and dialect)

Elke Smart Reading Recovery and Learning Support

Mary Stamatellis Greek

Hong Jin Wu Chinese

Sue Mirow Library



Tuesday - Year 1 and Year 2


Monday - 1A 2A

Wednesday - 1B 2P

Thursday - 1V 2K

Friday - 1Z 1M 2F


Monday - 1Z 1B

Tuesday - 1M 2A 2P

Wednesday - 1A 1V 1M 2F 2K

Thursday - 1Z 1B

Friday - 1A 1V 2F 2K 2A 2P

Key Learning Areas


During the teaching / learning of English children will participate in rich and diverse literacy activities both in whole class and group work situations in reading, writing, speaking and listening, handwriting and using digital technologies, spelling, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary, thinking imaginatively and creatively, expressing themselves and reflecting on learning.

This term, Year 1 will focus on the English key concept of story telling through the use of visual literacy in print, sound and images linked to the history unit of Present and Past Family Life. Year 2 will focus on the key concept of Representations Across Different Cultures. Students will study the morals, ways of thinking, symbols, settings, themes and characters in stories.

All students will have an opportunity to speak in front of the class each week. The term’s news roster outlines the topics to be presented each week. Please discuss and practise with your child their news topic at home so they are able to feel more comfortable and confident when it is their turn to speak in front of the class.


The children will continue to learn and develop various concepts within the Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, Statistics and Probability strands of the syllabus. All students are provided with opportunities to develop and use a variety of mental strategies, hands on activities, interactive whiteboard activities and written work to meet their individual needs. A strong emphasis on working mathematically and problem solving strategies will continue to be incorporated across all strands.

This term, Stage 1 will be trialing maths groups in the number strand. Students will be assessed and grouped by the teachers according to their learning needs. The groups will aim to reinforce or extend the students' concept development in the area of number.


Mathletics is Australia’s most used educational website aimed to help students enjoy maths and improve their results. Mathletics is encouraged both at school and at home to optimise students learning of mathematics. All students have been given their password and username to use at home. We encourage you to guide your child to use it at home. Please see the website: http://www.mathletics.com.au/.


Year 1

Students will study the unit Present and Past Family Life. This topic provides a study of present and past family life within the context of the students' own world. Students learn about similarities and differences in family life by comparing the present with the past. They begin to explore the links, and the changes that occur, over time and are introduced to the use of historical sources.The excursion to Vaucluse House will compliment this unit of work.

Year 2

Students will study the unit The Past In The Present. This topic provides a study of local history. Students explore, recognise and appreciate the history of their local area and school. Students will also explore changes in technology over several generations and investigate and identify the impact on people's lives. An excursion around the local area will compliment this unit of work.


As part of our technology lessons Stage 1 will continue to work with i Pads. Students will use iPad apps such as Popplet, Book Creator and Explain Everything to support their learning across the key learning areas. Classes will also be using laptops in the classroom for word processing and researching skills.


Stage 1 will participate in CAPA (Creative And Practical Arts) groups this term where students will continue to develop their knowledge and skills in the areas of visual arts, music, dance and drama. During music groups Mr Franki will be teaching Year 2 how to play the recorder.


Stage 1 will follow up the lessons from Life Education. Students will discuss issues and engage in activities centred around safety and drug education.

Our sport and fitness program will aim to develop gross motor and fundamental movement skills.


  • School starts at 9:00 am. If children arrive later than this time they are required to get a late note from the office.
  • Students are to wear their sport uniform on their sport / fitness day.
  • Read the newsletter and all notes that go home as this term is very busy.
  • When sending notes and money to school, please place the money in an envelope with your child's name, class and what the money is for. Please staple the permission note to the outside of the envelope.
  • All money should be submitted via the class teacher. Please do not give money to the office.
  • All absences must be accompanied by a letter of explanation when the child returns to school after an absence.

Stationary Supplies

All Stage 1 students will need to have their own glue stick to use in class. We recommend either BOSTIK or UHO glue sticks as they are a better quality to use.

Year 1

Year 1 students are required to bring a set of Faber Castell textas, 1 glue stick BOSTIK or UHO.

Year 2

All Year 2 students are required to have their own pencil case equipped with glue stick,set of coloured pencils, 3 HB lead pencils, sharpener, eraser, textas and highlighters at school every day.

Home Learning

Weekly homework goes out every Friday and needs to be returned the following Thursday. Please read the reminders and important messages in each week's homework sheet.

Personal Belongings

Please make sure that all jumpers, lunchboxes and hats are clearly labeled with your child’s name.

Class Requests

Please bring 1 box of tissues for class use. Thank you.


For safety reasons please do not arrive to school before 8:30 am unless your child is booked into the Care Centre. On arrival students are to put their bag in the allocated class area and move to the basketball court and grass area where there is a teacher on duty from 8:30 am.

Children are not allowed on the playground equipment before and after school. Your support to reinforce this message is greatly appreciated.

Term Statement of Accounts

Parents will soon receive the term 2 statement of accounts. This lists all activities for each child at this school for term 2. We hope that this information gives parents sufficient financial notice to plan for these costs. Parents can pay in the usual manner through the class money folders in either one lump sum or by installments or activities. As previous, any parents seeking financial assistance should ask at the office or directly with the Principal.

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