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What's Happening in 5th/6th Grade!

Week of June 19th - June 21st

It's hard to believe that this is the LAST Smore Newsletter of the school year!! It has been such a pleasure teaching your kids. I wish the 6th graders the best of luck next year in Middle School. I know you will do a wonderful job!! However, since I have taught them for 2 years, I will truly miss them all very much!!!

5th Graders, I look forward to being able to teach you for one more year! I will be working very hard this summer on transforming my room into another fun and exciting new theme!!!

Parents thank you all SO MUCH from the bottom of my heart for EVERYTHING that you have done this year!!! Some of our classroom rewards would not have been possible without you. I am very lucky and proud to say that not only do I have AMAZING students, I also have parents that are so sweet, understanding and always very supportive of their children's education. So a big THANK YOU to each and every one of you!!

Have a wonderful and RELAXING Summer break!!

Sharing our Inventions Posters

What a great job everyone did on their inventions posters! I can tell they worked very hard on their posters and essays!! The research they did on their own were very impressive and I am so proud of the writers that they have become!!

Shadow Day!

Last Thursday, the 4th graders had the opportunity to come into our room to check out what they will be doing as 5th graders next year. We had a lot of fun showing them around the room, playing a fun STEM activity and writing and sharing their very first UNJOURNALING writing prompt!!

Teaching the 3/4th graders Math!!

On Friday, our class taught the 3/4th graders a new Math lesson!! Some groups created a scavenger hunt, others made games and some typed out real looking Math tests!! They were all very well done!

Father's Day Gifts

This year, Mrs. Galvano and I were very excited that, just like Mothers day, had the opportunity to have the students make special gifts for their dads!! We hope you all had a wonderful Fathers day!

Invention Presentations

Wow! I just am so proud and impressed at not only the inventions but all the hard work that these students put into it. I know that everyone not only worked in school on their projects but they also had to take time outside of school for this. So a big THANK YOU to you for being so dedicated, it truly shows within your created invention/innovations!

Thank you parents for coming. I know this meant a lot to the students. Monday we will read off the surveys that you filled out and will find out which is the invention that most people will pay for!!

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Monday: Music and Spanish

Tuesday: Gym and Art

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: Art and Spanish

Friday: Gym