go on a grassy time with me!-carrie .v.

mini main producers

the thing that started all of this is ... grasses like clovers,oats,and more!

Awlsome abiotic factors!

The temperature in the grasslands is -20.c to 30.c 'brrrrrr so cold!'The grasslands get 500 to 900 mile meters of water per year!Located most in grate planes,pampas,and sounding the deserts in Australia!

creepy consumers.

Be for I show you some consumers I should show you what they are.Consumers are some thing that eats another thing that is living i'll show you some examples later...lions that live in the holes and caves.Giraffes that have long legs to hurt they predators and a long neck to reach the leaves.Zebras with strip patterns to make the predators dizzy. Baboons that almost never touches the ground in there life! Gazelle that jump so high you will never catch them in the air.Rhinos with horns to hurt pray and predators. Elephants.Elephants with big feet to stomp.Hyenas with a scary laugh and mane a lot more!

predators agenst prey

Predators are the thing that is trying to get the food and the prey are the things being cased by the predator!Cheetahs eating gazelle is often for the environment they do that to help the environment stay on track!Here are some more like chameleons eating grasshoppers so that all the food daus not get eaten,lions try to get there lunch and today zebra is on the menu...the lion try's to get his pray but fails because the stripes on the zebra confuse him/her the zebra wins against his predator.One more is Graffias eating tree leaves.

funny fun facts!

Did you know that grasslands are on every country in the wold except Antarctica?Did you know that in the winter it I so hot that fires and dotes are vary often?Did you know that if the temper incenses or decelerates then plants and animals would no longer be able to live!?!Did you know that the summers in the savanna are 6-8 months long?!

mini movie for you guys so do not desterb me :) -carrie