Aryan s patel


1. Capitalism reflect the idea of democracy .

2. Provide more choices to consumer and consumer get chances to select the best .

3. Provide opportunity to complete dream.

4. Capitalism decrease unemployment .


1.owner class:The means of production (capital) are owned only by the few people (capitalists) who can pay for them.

2.working class: The people (laborers) who use capital to produce goods and have no ownership of that capital.

3.Rational calculation for profit guides production: The capitalists try to judge the market and adjust production accordingly in order to realize the greatest possible profit.

4.consumers: Because people are disconnected from the goods they produce, the process of buying things, not of creating things, becomes the primary way in which people define themselves.

Why Capitalism Works


  1. Some people say that capitalism is inequality to middle class people . But , the people who are rich has work hard to reach here . if you are hard working then only you can survive.
  2. some people say that because of capitalism , there is more pollution , but the thing is that if government will produce that good there will be pollution . so really it is not like that .


Work hard and rule . If you are hardworking then capitalism is best for . It will allow to complete your dream .