The Giver

By Lois Lowry Flyer Created by Trinay Moreno

Book Summary

Imagine living in a place where there is no music or color. Then imagine living in that same place and now everything is controlled by a group of elders. In control as in you don't get to decide who you will marry, what gender or when you will be able to receive a child and what assignment/job you will have for the rest of your life. Well for Jonas this is his reality. When Jonas is given his very important and special assignment/job as Receiver of Memory he realizes that not everything in life has been controlled. When he strongly feels the need to share this with the rest of the community he is determined to do so even if it meant risking his own future.

Main Character

Meet Jonas a just turning 12 year old who has a special gift. The gift of seeing beyond which means that he is able to see colors. This gift gives Jonas the assignment/job of Receiver of Memory. As the new Receiver of Memory Jonas faces a lot of obstacles but he is determined to overcome each one of them.

Other Main/Important Characters

"For the first time, he heard something that he knew to be music. He heard people singing. Behind him, across vast distances of space and time, from the place he had left, he thought he heard music too. But perhaps, it was only an echo."

Teacher-like Questions

1) If you were Jonas would you have gone through what Jonas did in order to share the memories? Would you have even tried to share the memories?

2)What do you think happened to the community after the memories were released?

3) What do you think will change and what do you think will stay the same in the community?

Overall Rating

On a scale from 1 to 10 I would give this novel a 6. I liked this novel in the sense that it was very descriptive and in some parts entreating but on the downside the ending totally throws you off and I really honestly did not care too much for the genre of this novel.