Sevillana Dress

Found at your nearest Amarillo

Sevillana Dress

Our item of clothing is a dress that people wear for flamingo dancing or a festival

People wear this dress in España

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Who wears this dress

This dress is made for woman and girls to wear. It also has a lot of different culture involved in this. Women wear these at young and old ages.

The cost

It can cost about 150 to 250 euros and in American dollars it costs $164.56 to $274.27

Other excessories such as necklaces,brackets,and shoes can cost 60 euros in American dollars it costs $65.83

When it is worn

This dress is worn either to different festivals and fairs.


This dance is Usally danced in diffrent activities such as fairs and festivals. This dance is danced by men and woman. Many cultures dance this dance other than Spain. This dance consist of hand clapping and guitars and many twits with hand movements.
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