Samis Cafeteria

Create a Perfect Impression on Your Guests with Superior Catering

A simple arrangement in your party or event can create a positive impression on your guests. Expert catering is considered to be the best and the most convenient way to impress your guests. So if you are willing to use quality catering services for your event, contact with Sami’s Cafeteria. Whatever the occasion is, whether it’s a party or a corporate event, Sami’s cafeteria will be more than happy to serve you with our satisfactory services. We have been in the same catering business from the day of our beginning and have gained much needed experience in the same field.

Sami’s Cafeteria manages food services for aerial malls, building and hospitals as well as full time cafeteria service. We are the best BBQ caterer in Houston‎ TX as we offer high quality barbeque services to the customers. Our corporate catering services help you plan a high level event. We include quality food from local to high-ranked delicacies in our services and manage food services for major healthcare and industrial companies.We take care of every particular need of our clients from health to taste, hence we only use cholesterol free vegetable oil and avoid using any nut product because of the people allergic or sensitive to nut.

The main motive of our corporation is to offer the best and healthiest food service to the people.We are a famous food chain and our services are economical as well as accurate.