Conifirious Forest

by:Michael ,Brooke, Joshua

Large Ecosystem

The Conifirious Forest is an extremly large ecosystem that holds most plants & animals including the snow leapord & poisen ivy. Most animals depend on others for prey or help. ex.A wolf depends on a woopecker & a woodpecker depends on insects & they depend on the ecosystem.Animals depend on plants for food & saftey.ex.A tiger depends on plants for camoflauge to hide from hunters. Plants depends on animals for fertilizer when they die. Both plants & animals depend on the ecosystem for food , care ,& saftey. Every year millions of trees are cut down and lots of animals loose their homes.

Weather in the Forest

Rainfall in the forest

The rainfall in a Conifirious forest is about 3' a year which is a lot compared to Texas.

Tempature in the Forest

The temp. in a conifirious forest is about 60 Degrees F which is compared warm to the winter.

Sorce Citatons

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