Grow, Harvest & Eat Organic Mangoes

Learn the Art and Science of Organic Mango Cultivation

Nurture Your Mango Habit, Organically

The Botanical Society of Goa will conduct a one-day program on the art and science of mango cultivation at the mango orchard of Mr. Shrihari Subrai Naik Kurade at Cuncolim, Salcet-Goa.

For those who possess grown up mango trees, mango grafts that refuse to bear any fruit for the last 5 years or more or are just about to plant a mango graft in coming June, here is a golden opportunity to learn hands-on how to get your trees to be productive.

The program will include demonstration on how to

  • peg the spots for digging pits in a Square System of planting.
  • re-fill a pit with rock phosphate, goat pellets and manures
  • plant and stake a graft
  • treat wounds and hollows in the tree trunk
  • manure a grown up mango tree correctly
  • identify damage by common insect pests and diseases
  • organically control pest & diseases, including pheromone traps
  • manage your soil
  • sort & grade mangoes
  • ripen and package mangoes

Troubleshoot your mango trees with a panel led by Dr. Ajit Shirodkar, Shrihari Kurade, Prabhakar Keni and Miguel Braganza.

Grow, Harvest, Eat Organic Mangoes

Saturday, May 17th, 9:30am-4pm

Shrihari Kurade's Farm @ Cuncolim, South Goa

Venue Details: Srihari Kurade's Farm - Take the 2nd left after Cuncolim Bus-station. Stop at the Cuncolim Temple and further directions will be provided from there.

Participation is by PRIOR registration only. No walk-ins.

SMS name to 90118-64429 or 98229-82676 to pre-register

FEE: Rs.500/- for non members, Rs. 300 for BSG members (includes working lunch)

Transport from Margao at 08.30 A.M. will be provided as per need.

The Botanical Society of Goa