Digital Citizenship Project

Mason S, P4

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital citizenship is your information on the internet or on a electric device all together. You want to keep your digital citizenship positive because if its bad you could be banned from many programs,blogs,and other websites.

How do we show and keep our digital citizenship positive, and how can we learn.

To show good digital citizenship is really easy all you have to do is be kind on the internet. Our digital citizenship records can be traced and found and you have something bad on your record it can ruin your life. Anyone can find your record college scouts, employers, your future kids. How can we learn to be kind and not evil on the internet? Make sure you pause before you post a message,video,or picture that can ruin your or another persons life.

7 Rules to Keep Your Digital Citizenship Positve

  1. Treat others the way you want to be treated: Digital Etiquette
  2. Check the Privacy Policy before you do anything with said program. Information Privacy
  3. Remember don't post anything you don't want your friends, family, employers, or college scouts to see. Social Networking
  4. Don't share any of your personal information,passwords,or anything that can hurt you. Online Safety
  5. When your angry wait a few minutes before sending something that can never be taken back. Cyber-bullying
  6. If you copy someone's work make sure to give credit to that person. Plagiarism
  7. Before you take anyone's work make sure to ask the owner before using it for yourself. Copyright