Investing in your Business

#smartshopping for the Launch on Tuesday Night!!!!

TO-DO for Today

***Look Book Sales~~~>>> Make sure you order them ASAP!!!! Pre-Orders are a great way to create excitement
and make VIP customers feel special. Remember: share only with YOUR best customers – posting peeks on social
media early will only hurt the energy and excitement of the launch. Teasers and countdowns are best. Having look books early
is also a HUGE bonus to get pop-ups on the books – share your books with potential hostesses and offer them first chance to
host a “From Rome, With Love” Soiree’

***Who is your Launch Partner? ~~~~~>>>
While you are waiting for the launch pick YOUR “Launch Partners”! Your launch partners are anyone in your circle who can help you share the news with their network – Who will be your “Launch Premier” partner by
hosting an in-home and/or online pop-up next week? Who will be your brand ambassadors – ready to get loud on her behalf to
create excitement for the launch? Who wants to earn free jewelry by bringing the new look books to their office next week and
gather orders? There are SO many reasons to plan TODAY for next week – don’t wait!

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Let's talk about SMART SHOPPING!!!! With every new launch you have dozens of new pieces available at your fingertips. Of course in a perfect world, we would want it ALL right??? I know I always do. But today I want to coach you on ‪#‎smartshopping‬ when it comes to personally investing in the line for your business.
*** Know your network (or feel yours out if you are new)~ What do they like, what is practical, what sells, what can get the biggest bang for your buck??? What is your niche with your biz?? How will YOU use the pieces to advance your biz??
***Is money an issue for you? Maybe you cannot invest as much as you'd like to on the new line?? Talk to me and let's work a plan first of all. Secondly, take a close look at your credits. What can you purchase with the credits you have available now? Maybe let's talk about setting an additional $100 aside for you to shop the launch next week. I can help YOU make a practical decision on what to buy for "X" amount of dollars you have to spend.
***Those who put into their business get something out of their business....that goes for any job, at any company, for EVERYONE!!!! If you only have a little to work with, let me help you behind the scenes to still have a successful POP UP anyways!!
***You are YOUR best piece of advertisement!!! I am a HUGE fan of telling you all that you must be a walking display at all times. Remember Shana Cawley's social media video about your profile pics??? If you are NOT wearing c and i in your profile pic, how can you expect others to wear c and i???? BE YOUR BUSINESS!!!!!!!

PLEASE reach out to me so I can help YOU decide what to order and what to spend on this launch, my job is to help educate and motivate you all on ALL things Chloe + Isabel and I want YOU to be a ‪#‎smartshopper‬ next week.

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Here are some SUGGESTIONS for building your display with the new line!!!! Once you get your lookbooks in we can narrow these down OR let's chat after the launch next week to make an informed decision on choices!!
~ WHO doesn't love our white howlite stones??? Aventine is the line for YOU then!!!! I suggest the long pendant for $68/34 and the convertible fringe earrings for $38/19 maybe throw in the Aventine statement bracelet as well for $48/24!!! Or the new wrap for $55/27
~ I highly suggest the Dolce Headband for $58/29
~Trevi will be a line that SELLS!!!! The colors are to die for and they just go with everything!!!! So I suggest being a ‪#‎smartshopper‬ and at least hit a few from this line! Maybe the wrap for $45/23 and the convertible studs for $34/17. If you can go bigger grab a necklace from this line!!! It will be HOT
~Portico is dainty and boho, you cannot go wrong with the 3 row convertible pendant for $48/24, grab your choice of earrings to keep the cost down or go big with some of the statement pieces!
~Bella Fiore is soft and sweet, if anything grab the sweet hairpins and maybe the drop earrings.

ARE you using credits to shop??? OR your 50% off discount???? OR both???? Please let me help you be intentional about your choices and if anything please let's budget to order at least a few items!!!! XO