Mesopotamia Historian

Mesopotamia History

Some names of the civilizations that once made Mesopotamia their home were : the Akkadians, the Amorties, the Hittities, the Kassities, the Assyrians, and the Chaldreans. The requirements of a civilization are : Urban Revolution, New political and military structures, Social Structure based on economic power, the development of complex technology, the development of writing, the distinct religious structure, and new forms of artistic and cultural activity. The Hammurabi laws were so important because, they were the very first laws written from cunieform. A few Hammurabi laws that I find interesting are :1.) "If a slave says to his master ""you are not my master"" , his master has the right to cut off his slaves ear. " 2.) "If someone steals from a temple, he shall be put to death, and also the person who recieved the stuff from the thief." 3.) "The number ""13"" was thought to be an unlucky and evil number." 4.) "If you have slaves in your home, without permission, and are caught, you will be put to death" 5.) "If anyone break into a hole (or a house), they shall be put to death in front of the hole and be buried. The story of Gilgamesh is .. "One day Gilgamesh realized that he was the king but he was very bored, there was nothing fun to do but scare his people , but he had done that too much so it had became boring. So instead of praying for his people's safety, he prayed for something fun to do. The gods thought this was a good request , so they answered it. They sent someone faster, and stronger than Gilgamesh down to Earth , they named him Enkidu. They fought, and fought, and fought, and soon enough they were best friends since they couldn't beat each other from then, they went everywhere together, arm-in-arm.

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