By: Makena Roeker

The flag

This is Madagascar's flag. The red stands for sovereignty, the green stands for hope and the white stands for purity.


Currency- Ariary

Major Religions- 55% are traditional beliefs, 40% are Christian, and 5% are Muslims

Two historical facts- The first humans arrived 2,000 years ago. And it broke off of India 80 million years ago.

Type of government- Republic

Famous actor- Bruce Samazan

Famous singer- Philippe Eidel

Famous athlete- Anicet Andrianantenaina

Country's president/leader- Andry Rajoelina

History of flag- Was adopted on October 14th, 1958.

Symbolism of flag- Green represents hope, red stands for sovereignty, and White stands for purity.

Colors of flag- Green, white and red.

Famous artist- Gilbert Rokoto

3 cities in Madagascar- Toamasina, Fianarantsoa, Mahajanga

15 things you can see in Madagascar- Over 1800 square miles of beautiful beach, Royal hill of Ambohimanga, Ranomafana National Park, Ile Sainte-Marie, Nosy be Island, Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, Diego Suarez, Lemurs park, Madarail: motorcycle trail, Le Six, Madagascar Exotic, Galerie Mikea, Vakona Private Reserve, Oceanes dream, and Buggy Nature Private Tours.

About Madagascar

Area- There is 581,540 square miles land and 5,501 square miles of ocean!

Capital- The capital is located in Antananarivo.

Terrain- It is a narrow coastal plain, high plateaus and Mountains in the center

Climate- Has a hot sub-tropical climate and colder by the mountains. Rainy season is from November to March. And the dry season is from April to October.

Population- 22,504,845 million people

Ethnic group- Has a bunch of different races: Malagasy, Chinese, Indian, Arabs, and Europeans.

Languages- French and Malagasy language

Major Industries- They are the worlds largest producer of vanilla. They also are big in agriculture, mining and tourism.

Agriculture- Has good cultivation because of the mountain ranges and the irregular rainfall. They grow a variety of foods in there agriculture system.


Famous Piece of art by Gilbert Rokoto