Kings County Arts in Action

January 2021 Edition

Brought To You By Kings County Office of Education

Our Purpose

Arts education, which includes visual arts, music, drama, and media arts, is an important part of a well-rounded education. This newsletter serves to highlight the amazing work with the arts being done by school districts within our county.

Updated Guidance on the Arts

The California Department of Education has released updated guidance on safely providing arts education in schools.

Highway 99 Youth Arts Council

The Region 7 VAPA committee has begun the process of developing a student-driven youth arts council. Arts educators and administrators submitted nominations for students in grades 10-16 for students in Kings, Tulare, Fresno, Merced, Madera, and Mariposa counties. Stay tuned for more information regarding this exciting new opportunity for students to develop arts advocacy skills.

Arts Education Throughout Kings County

HESD Virtual Winter Concert Held

The Hanford Elementary School District Band students participated in a Virtual Winter Concert this year. The virtual concert displayed the musical talents of students from 6th through 8th grade throughout all of HESD. The band directors are proud of students for continuing to play at home and participating in band virtually. The HESD Band Team is also continuing to provide weekly classroom music lessons for students in grades 4-8 districtwide. The most recent lessons have focused on the tuba, drum set, music of Latin America, an introduction to jazz and an introduction to reading music notation.

Pioneer Winter Virtual Concert Held

Pioneer Middle School 6th Grade Music Classes are learning more about rhythms and pitches using ukuleles and bucket drums until playing of wind instruments is allowed at school.

Pioneer Middle School 7th & 8th grade bands presented their Winter Virtual Concert on December 16th.

Pioneer MS Band 7/8 Bands Virtual Winter Concert

Lemoore High Drawing Projects

This Fall, LHS Drawing 1 students focused on using line, value, shape, and form to create works of art including still-life drawings and drawings that give the illusion of atmospheric perspective. Entertainment Design students built a foundation in areas like concept art, color theory, scriptwriting, and character design in preparation for returning to the classroom to finish the set in the LHS Auditorium.

JCM Stories with Styles Begins

In January, students at JC Montgomery began a digital storytelling project presented by the Kings County Office of Education called "Stories with Style". This project uses culturally responsive practices and hip hop pedagogy to access youth culture, so that students can share their stories with the public. Students compose a rap or spoken word poem and then utilize technology to add sound and visual imagery. This project combines ELA and media arts standards. Below is a time lapse video of Erik Gonzalez from Urbanists Collective painting a piece of street art for the project. Erik presented via Zoom to share with students the idea of storytelling through the creation of a logo. Students will create their own logos and these logos will be digitally remastered into stickers.
Stories with Style Artwork JCM Project

Hanford High School Artwork

In Ms. Bejarano's Art 2 class, students created personalized illuminated art using a letter from their first or last name. In Art 3, students selected an inspirational quote and then designed artwork to complement the quotation.

MLK Paint Nights

Martin Luther King Elementary school participated in two zoom “Family Paint Nights” hosted by Ms. Franco one of Hanford Elementary School Districts Art Teachers. Students and their parents signed up for the event in advance. They picked up goodie bags prior to the paint night with the needed art materials and a sweet treat to enjoy. The roughly, 180 participants from both paint night had smiles from ear to ear and truly enjoyed themselves. The first two were such a hit, that two more zoom “Family Paint Nights” are scheduled for Spring 2021.

Fourth Grade Paint Night

  • 88 Total
    • 37 Families Participated
      • 51 Students
      • 37 Adults

Fifth/Sixth Grade Paint Night

  • 81 Total
    • 38 Families
  • 47 Students
  • 34 Adults

Pioneer Middle School Stop Motion

Pioneer Middle School students in advanced art worked collaboratively to create stop motion animation films. 7th grade art students have been working on one-point perspective as well as participating in drawing challenges.
Stop Motion 1
Stop Motion 2

Akers Art Projects

7th grade students produced pencil landscapes as a lesson in value. Through the use of a single medium, the focus was shifted to using the softness of the graphite and the application of pressure control to make a landscape beautiful even in the absence of natural color.

Students of each grade level produced posters to promote the use of electric vehicles as a contribution to environmental improvements. Some students entered their work in an official contest that was organized by Clean Vehicle Empowerment Commission of the Central Valley.

The students of various grade levels also tried what was called the realism challenge. Students were to hand pick their leaf as a subject. Colored pencil was encouraged but other media was acceptable as well.

Finally, students created mud paintings. Students diluted mud to use as a cost friendly alternative manufactured paints and also practice the element of value.

VAPA Arts Resources for Educators

The VAPA committee has compiled a list of resources for arts educators.

The Kings County Office of Education VAPA website has resources and information about the arts in Kings County.

Next KCOE Arts Update

Kings County Office of Education will release our next arts update in March 2021. Submissions may be sent to Liz Norris. Districts and sites are responsible for verifying that photos may be publicly released. Photos should be submitted in groupings of three due to the gallery format of S'more. Videos of live performances may also be accepted.