Tree Octopus is FAKE

Where did this all start from?

What is this, Even?

This was an Experiment tested on Students on internet. To see how they believe anything they see on the internet. It was made up by Donald Leu. They even created a website that had Information that made it seem legit. This experiment was a success mostly all of the students believed it although many didn't.


The tree octopus is fake

It was made up by Donald leu

Tree octopuses are not real because octopuses need water to live.

Sasquatches do not exsist ,so how is that its prediator.

All of these pictures are fake they are either took under water or they used a fake octopus to make it seem more realistic.


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Then it says that its main predator is a sasquatch which is also referred to as BIGFOOT which is also

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Facts: This was all an experiment by Donald Leu to prove how people believe everything they see on the internet

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Students Believed everything on the internet with a link to this website

That was Obviously Fake Because of many resons one of because it menstioned the Greenpeas