why middle earth?



I picked Iceland because of the diversity of mountains, forests, and grass plains. I also picked this because of how much diversity there is among the people. the Icland people speakIiclandic. most of the people in Icland are christian but there are some who are roman catholic. i think that this will be a good fit for middle earth


i think this is the right place because of the landscape providing features like thick forests that resemble Mirkwood. tall mountain ranges that resemble things like the lonely mountain. there is also a very different and varied climate. it has constant weather changes just like the climate in middle earth. that's why i chose Iceland for middle earth

here are some landforms in Iceland

guaranteed to be the best middle earth.

to conclude...

To conclude I think that ice and will be the best because of the vast nature. Like forest, mountain ranges, and dense forests. Also the climate is very different just like middle earth. That's why I chose Iceland


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