TMHS Weekly Update

May 26, 2020

While School is out...

Congratulations to all of our seniors who were honored and received awards and scholarships on Thursday night! Here is a link to the watch the ceremony:

We are so proud of all of the accomplishments of our Seniors!

Stay healthy and safe!

Senior Celebrations

  • Please remind seniors to check their email for information about their date and time to come to the high school for their diploma celebration the week of June 2-4th. Parents also received the email. The emails were sent on Friday afternoon. If you or your senior did not receive the email, please email

  • Today seniors will receive an email with a schedule for picking up winter sport awards, winter sport posters, major athletic award winners, academic award winners and dropping off any textbooks, paperback books, instruments, chromebooks (if borrowed), lunch money owed and library books. It will be a curbside pick up/drop off on Monday June 1st. Students must include their name and teacher's name on a piece of paper inside the book or attached to the instrument and chromebook.

  • Our senior spring athletes will be celebrated this week with a tribute video to all of them!

  • We will also be celebrating our senior scholar athletes who will be competing at the college level with a Signing Day video celebration!

  • The link for our virtual graduation ceremony will be sent out on June 5th.

Parking Fee Refund

All students who paid for parking this school year will receive a pro rated refund in the mail. They should be arriving during the first week in June.

Semester 2 Grading

Understanding that we will now be in a Remote Learning Environment through to the last day of school on June 15th, we have worked out the following grading plan:

Grade Semester 2 as Credit/No Credit:

1. Eliminate Quarter 4 & Final Exam for Semester 2 grading purpose

2. Semester 2 elective courses will be graded Pass/Fail(Credit/No Credit).

3. The Semester 2 Credit/No Credit Grade for spring 2020 will not be factored into calculating a student’s overall GPA.

  • Semester 2 (Q3-Q4) elective courses (2.5 credits)

    • Students’ final grade will be calculated based on two components:

      • Work completed prior to March 13, 2020

      • Work completed during the Remote Learning period

        • Students will receive credit for completing the work described above. Students who do not complete the Remote Learning activities, will most likely not receive credit.

4. GPA Calculations

  • For courses taken during the 2019-2020 school year, GPA calculations will be based on final grades for full-year and first-semester courses. Half-year (2.5 credit) courses taken during the second semester will not be factored into the GPA calculation.

  • Colleges and Universities are all aware that circumstances for this school year are unlike any other in our lifetime and are adapting their admission processes. Remember every school in the country and around the world has been impacted.

  • TMHS will note any changes on our academic profile so that all colleges will continue to know what a rigorous academic program we are continuing to provide.

The following have not changed:

  • Only Final year end grades appear on Transcripts and are shared with Colleges.

  • Only Quarter grades are used when calculating GPA.

  • Only final year end grades are used in determining: National Honor Society; High Honors; Honors; etc..

  • Semester 1 Grades are the last grades used to calculate Seniors’ GPA as it pertains to recognizing top performing students for recognition nationally, regionally and locally.

Utilizing a Credit/No Credit Grading Model for 2nd Semester accomplishes the following:

  • Complies with the Department of Education Commissioner Jeff Reilly’s recommendation for Remote Learning to be graded Credit/No Credit.

  • Stays consistent with Tewksbury Memorial High School’s awarding of a Semester Grade & accompanying credit towards graduation.

  • Is equitable and fair to all students.

  • Recognizes that ⅓ rd of 3rd Qtr. and all of 4th Qtr (12 ½ weeks of the 18 week 2nd Semester) will have been spent in a remote learning environment ( Credit/No Credit)

  • Creates a unified platform for grading where all students will be graded as Credit/No Credit.

Virtual Art Show K-12

Physical Education/Wellness Activities

Activities for exercise and wellness will be updated on the TMHS website each day. We encourage everyone to find time each day to focus on their physical and mental wellness.

Here is the link:

District Remote Learning Plan

Here is the link to the TPS Remote Learning Plan.

Family Resources

Here is a link to resources from our Office of Student and Family Support:

Grab and Go Lunch

A Grab and Go Lunch plan has been established for all students in the district. Starting this week lunches will be distributed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Please see attached link for this Grab and Go Student Lunch Option

For Parents

This is a good resource with suggestions on how to help our teenagers during this difficult time for them.