Ms. Rebecca's Class News

2/3 Class at KJDS

Discovery Education Testing

The 2/3 Class will participate in the last of 3 DE Tests this year on Monday and Tuesday. Students will work at their own pace to complete Math and Reading. Results will be available and shared on our final Parent Conference night or before then upon request.
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2nd Grade: The second grade is finishing up Volume in order to move toward fractions. We will look at shapes divided into equal parts and learn to identify sections of halves, thirds, and fourths.

3rd Grade: The class is working on fractions again this week. One focus is on comparing fractions (like and unlike). The students will practice making equivalent fractions, fractions in simplest form, and identifying the greatest common factor. There are some videos on Khan Academy on greatest common factor if your child needs a little reminder or extra support on this concept. We will then move on to adding like and unlike fractions.

Multiplication and Division skills are a major skill used in fractions. If you child can find time to play review games in these areas, it will benefit them greatly! We are continuing our Minute Math Challenge by finishing our multiplication sundaes.

Terminix Talks Bugs!

Monday, April 27th, 11am

1529 Downtown West Boulevard

Knoxville, TN

To enhance our Habitat and Ecosystems unit, Terminix will be presenting for the K/1 and 2/3 classes to discuss bugs' lives.
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The students have been working on Spelling in class these past two weeks, but this week we will resume Spelling as HOMEWORK.


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