Nature vs Machine

The epic fight between blue, white and black, green and grey

How it is seen in the film

Machine vs Nature is a major conflict in 'The Avatar' by James Cameron. It is shown through the conflict between the humans and the Na'vi people. They are both symbols for nature and machine. For example the humans are very technologically advanced and operate lots of machinery. However the Na'vi people are heavily reliant on nature and are apart of the forest themselves. This is shown by them being able to connect with the plants and animals of the forest. These two sides are constantly in conflict throughout the film. This is a result of the humans search for unobtainium, a resource of great wealth. The Na'vi people, are reluctant that the humans continue their search and mining project. They experience the negative effects of the human search and so attempt to fight back. They are unsuccessful as they do not have the technology to challenge the humans.

Theme and relevance to the real world

This theme/major conflict is seen in our world as there is constant growth in economic value. This growth increases the need and want for resources where money lies. Business and corporations are constantly looking for new places to collect natural resources in order to gain a profit. We see this in the beginning of the film on Earth and in the cities that the planet is heavily industrialized and full of neon lights and advertising. This is the effects of the battle between machine vs nature and the stance that humans have taken on the conflict and shows that they will destroy nature in order to earn more money. These same cities in 2015, however were filled and are filled with lots of plants and nature.

Directors Purpose

The directors purpose for the conflict between nature and machine is to represent and relate a known conflict in our world and relate it to the film. Nature vs machine is a conflict that is seen very often in our world and everyone has belong to one side in their lifetime. This gives the audience something to relate to and allows them to understand the feelings of both sides and what their views are. This allows the audience to gain a deeper understanding of the film and what the themes and messages actually mean. The directors purpose of this conflict is to translate an understanding of a conflict in our world and extend it into the film giving the audience an opinion and a side which they view themselves on.

Bombing of Hometree

Tuesday, Aug. 20th 2154 at 5:30pm

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This is a significant event in the film as it is the major turning point in the action. Up until this point the conflict has been relatively non-direct and the humans power has not been directed at the Na'vi specifically. This event changes this, and the humans use direct and physical force to get them out of Hometree (the Na'vi's home and community). They do this by gassing the tree from the inside, the Colonel saw this as "more humane". They then sent many missiles and bombs at the tree and as a result killed many of the Na'vi, including their 'Eytukan' or clan leader. From this point on the conflict continued to escalate directly between the two sides, resulting in many deaths.