Cryer's Cross

by: Lisa Mcmann

The smaller the town, The bigger the secret.


Cryer's cross is a small town in Montana. A teenage girl named Kendall lives in this small town. She has a best friend named Nico and they have been friends since they were little.There is this girl named Tiffany, she was "kidnapped" as so everyone thought that and soon after that Nico disappeared. After they both disappeared the town set rules. These rules included no one can go out alone and had to be very cautious and if you were out past a certain time with no one, you could be arrested.Kendall played soccer, and a new kid and his sister with the name of Jacian and Marlena, they moved from Arizona to live with their grandfather. Nico and Kendall played soccer together but since Nico and other students couldn't play, the coach shut the soccer team down as Jacian got upset because soccer was the only thing he truly had left. But since there were rules, Jacian drove Kendall to school everyday and drove her back home.Since Nico went missing Kendall hasn't been the same.She thought Jacian would get Nico off her mind and started to fall for him.Nico sat by Kendall everyday in class, Kendall thought it was weird that Nico and Tiffany sat in the same desk and both went missing. One day Kendall sat in the desk and heard voices that sounded like Nico. The voices would say "save my soul. Find me". Kendall one night followed the voices of "Nico". The desk was cursed by this school where boys were abused. The voices led her to the school and she saw many crosses and dead bodies were buried. Nico and Tiffany died buy burring themselves. Kendall tried to do the same but her OCD saved her life as jacian said. But jacian found her and she was sent to the hospital."come back me!say nothing!"


I chose this book because it seemed very interesting from reading the back and the first few pages. This book in my opinion is a great book because it has me wondering what's going to happen all throughout when I was reading.My favorite part of the book was when Kendall followed the voice of Nico and almost buried herself alive. Some things I liked about the book was the fact I didn't want to put the book down because it was so interesting but the book could have had more on Nico and like how he went through to killing himself. I would rate the book a 4.5 because this was one of the first books that I've read and loved and how it was a combination of some genres. I would most definitely recommend this from middle to adults.
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