Electrons in Atoms: Page 6


Steps for Writing the Electron Configuration

Electron Configuration is the coordinates for where are located within the atom. You need the energy level, sublevel, orbital, and the spin of each electron. To find electron configuration for an element, you need to follow Aufbau's Diagonal Rule. It shows the order the electrons fill the energy levels and sublevels.

Energy Levels

Each energy level can only have a certain amount of electrons.

S- 2 electrons

P- 6 electrons

D- 10 electrons

F- 14 electrons

Illustration of Electron Configuration

Find the electron configuration of Carbon.

-Symbol: C, e- = 6

Use Aufbau's Principle to start on the energy level 1s and continue to show the amount of electrons you have in the element. You start on 1s and follow the arrows to know which energy level you're on.

~For example:

1s^2 2s^2 2p^2

Steps to Draw an Orbital Notation

Orbital Notation is almost the same as electron configuration. You are just writing it in a different way. The electrons are shown with arrows up top of a line going up and/or down (depending on the amount of electrons). And below the line, shows the energy level.

Example of Orbital Notation

Hund's Rule states that every orbital in a sublevel is singly occupied before any orbital is double occupied. That means you put all of your up arrows first and if that is not enough electrons, you start to put them on the same line but using a down arrow.
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