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They are back

"I love Twinkies and am glad they're back" says 26 year old Arnold Rodgers. Arnold is one of the many Twinkies fans. Since Twinkies came back there have been more and more demand for them. The goal of hostess is to get 110 thousand stores to sell Twinkies. Before Hostess shutdown 50 thousand stores sold Twinkies nationwide

Shut Down

Before Twinkies came back there was a big shutdown. It was because hostess went bankruptand had to shutdown.That meant that Twinkies also went away. Alot of people were mad about this. A group of former hostess workers made a secret Twinkie shop in China.


Of course people also want to know whats in Twinkies. Here are some of the ingrediants. wheat flour,folic acid,Niacin,thiamine,mononitrate,riboflavin,Iron [iron compound which is ferrous sulfate].

Bakrupt again?????

Of course people are also wondering if hostess will go bankrupt again. The answer, no one knows. Alot of people say yes. Alot of people say no. What do you think. Why do you think that. Tell me your answer and you could win a fabulous prize.

Shelf life

The yummy spongecake known as Twinkies will now have double shelf life for a try out. If it goes good Twinkies will stay. If it goes bad, Twinkie fans get ready to cry like me in the last bankruptcy of Twinkies.Some Twinkies will have a longer shelf life than others.10% of Twinkies will be frozen then shipped.

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