The Vampire Diaries Volume 1

By: DeeAndra Fowler Author: L. J. Smith


Elena ,a senior in high school, just came back from summer break and everybody is all ready for the year ,until one guy comes to the school and all the girls want him. So they notice that there are multiple killings in the town and everybody blame the new guy, Stefan. But Elena is wanting him more than ever but he won't talk to him. He avoids her every time she tries to talk to him. He finally gives in when this guy almost hits her and he takes her to safety and that's when she finds out he is a Vampire. But then he finds out his brother, Damon, is in town and he also wants Elena because she reminds both of them of the girl who turn them both into vampires.

What I liked about it.

The main things I liked about this book would probably be the fact that it's scary and mysterious. And I like reading books like these.

What I didn't like about it.

I didn't like some parts where the author uses big words I don't understand.

Would I recommend this book/author?

I would recommend this book to read because some of it is scared and most of it is mysterious. I think other readers would like this book because there is a lot of action when you read it. But if you don't like vampires then you won't like it.