Churchill Food Science September 25

The synergy of chemistry and art in cooking

Smore Flyer or Pinterest Project

Students are exploring food safety. They are creating either a smore flyer or a pinterest board about food safety. The idea is to learn independently about food safety facts that each student is interested in and to then create something that shows me what they are learning. I am acting as a facilitator and a resource for them. Flyers or pinterest board are due Monday by the time class begins. Students turn this project in by emailing me the link. It does count as a quiz grade. Information can be obtained from my website.


Remind is a website that allows me to send you a text message to remind students of projects, labs, etc. If you are not signed up yet for Remind and would like to be in the know about class assignments and labs, join Food Science, by texting @06352b to (469) 437-4504.

Mrs. Wales

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns,

Future Labs: Bubbling Liquids, In Hot Water, Saving Energy


A free lab is student choice of what to make. Parameters are based on the unit we are finishing. Students will bring in supplies based on their choice of lab; I can provide basic supplies. The first free lab is Friday!