Gulf of Aqaba

Spans across several countries!

The Gulf of Aqaba borders four countries, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Jordan. Each country has its own unique history with it. Their was even a battle in the Gulf of Aqaba during World War 1!

15 Miles Long!

At the Gulfs widest point, the land is 15 miles apart. The Gulf of Aqaba is over 6,000 feet deep!

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The Gulf of Aqaba is a place to consider if you want to take a vacation! The Gulf is a great place to go diving thanks to the many bushiness built along the coastlines. It is one of the most popular places to go diving in the world. This means the Gulf plays a big part in the economy for the surrounding cities.


There are many cities that have made there home along the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba. One of these cities is the city of Aqaba! The Gulf is sometimes called the Gulf of Eliat thanks to the main Israeli town of Eliat on the northern coast. Cities like these depend on the Gulf to help with the economy and with trading.
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