Beach villas of Bophut

Surf, Sun bathe and rest in the beach villas of Bophut

Bophut is a beach village located on the northern coast of Ko Samui. Bophut is one of the few places on Samui that retains some of the island's original Thai-Chinese atmosphere. It has recently experiencing a boom with new hotels and guesthouses sprouting up at a frantic pace. The beach road retains much of its charm although the new construction took a bit away. Old Chinese shop-houses crowd the narrow street many with sympathetic conversions to modern use as restaurants and cafés and small trendy shops. The beach itself encompasses some 2 km of white sandy shoreline fringed by coconut palms and the calm waters of the bay make this a popular spot for playing or relaxing, rather than swimming, because the water here is often murky, especially around December.

Activities on Bophut are pretty much limited to the beach, which is quite narrow and drops off rapidly. Jet ski hire operators are located (mercifully) at the western end of the Fisherman's Village. A Go-kart track can be found on the main road adjacent to the village. Bophut is famed for its sunsets, fine restaurants, numerous pubs and complete absence of girly bars. Thai massage, (temporary rejuvenation on the beach or in the village's numerous mini-spas) manicure, and pedicure treatments are popular bargain for visitors of both sexes. Another activity to be found in Bophut is the ever popular Friday Walking Market. Every Friday night the streets will be lined with vendors and stalls selling a large array of foods and goods. There are also live music and performances to be found. There are a number of minimarts and souvenir shops in the village, including a few moderately interesting Chinese-themed boutiques. A must visit shop is Samui Footwear, a small stall offering leather shoes and shoe repairs. The shoes are reasonably priced and are all original designs showcasing superior craftsmanship. You can relax at night in the luxurious Bophut beach villas to the sound of the crashing waves.

Bophut has a reputation for being one of the best places to eat on Samui. The village boasts many fine restaurants offering a wide choice of cuisine in addition to a wealth of Thai dishes. French, Italian, BBQ, Indian, and seafood outlets predominate, but there are several pubs and two bakeries offering standard European-style snacks and typical British and Australian pub grub.

All the places below are clustered in the Fisherman's Village within easy walking distance of Bophut beach villas

Happy Elephant, in the village, is a popular Thai seafood joint with an extensive menu. You can pick and choose your dinner and the cooking style from today's catch.

Billabong is an Australian pub, also a nice place to watch football or cricket. Good food, but not for vegetarians.

Frog & Gecko is a relaxed beach side Anglo-American pub with cold beer and great BLT sandwiches. Musically stuck in the 1970s, but packed on Wednesdays for their quiz night.