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All about the Wetlands

wetlands are part of the foundation of our nations water resources and vital to the health of waterways and communities that are downstream.wetlands feed downstream water,trap floodwater,rechange groundwaters supplies!The wetland is soaked with water.Its filled with trees and shrubs .Swamps,marshes,and bogs are all different types of wetlands.The weather is humid tropical.Wetlands reduce the impact of hurricans .Wetlands ecosystems also act as water treatment facilities. The plants, fungi, and algae of a wetland filter wastes and purfiy water.Wetlands are located in Australia and south America.The grounds are satruraded with water.In the summer the climate is humid and tropical,and in the winter the climate is frigid tundra.In old days people would cut down plants so they could build houses.The animal life is like animals hibernating and migrating.Are biome is uniqe because there is lots of rain.The animals adapt by hunting for food.Plants adapt by floating above water like lilly pads.Are biome is special because all sorts of diferent animals live there.Defenders of wetlands.

animals in the wetlands


Alligators live in wetlands.Alligator uses its sharp tail to propel its self through the water.Alligators eat mainly fish,turtles,various mammals,birds and other reptiles.

Beavers also live in wetlands.people might think the beavers busy work is not so

beneficial.They can't prevent climate change,obviously,but they can take the edge

off some of its effects.