Morning/Class Meetings

3rd - 5th Friendship Refresh 2/24 - 2/28

Monday February 24th

Sharing when Your Older

Watch the video clip below with your students. Tell them that sometimes as we get older sharing looks different. We almost forget to share as much with people around us.

Discussion Questions:

Why is sharing still an important part of friendship?

What are some ways that we can share when you're older?

Who's an example of someone who is always sharing with you?

Tuesday February 25th

Why Compromise?

To be a good friend, you have to learn to compromise with your friends and also sometimes put their preferences above your own.


What are some things that a friend has done with you that weren't their favorite activity?

How can you show a friend that you are willing to compromise for your friendship?

In what ways have you been a selfish friend in the past? How can you make things right?

Wednesday February 26th

What Would You Do Wednesday?

Have your students read the social problem below and come up with solutions.

You have a friend who doesn't like you to hang out with others. They often tell you that only you two should play together at recess, and they get mad when you invite someone else to play with you. You do value their friendship, but you feel like when you're with them, you're being a bad friend to others. What could you do?

What could you do to be a good friend to both of them?

Thursday February 27th

Have students watch the video clip below.

Discussion Questions:

1. What is so special about Bella and Tara's friendship?

2. In what ways do they show each other that they care for each other?

3. Bella and Tara are great examples of wonderful friends. What friendship skills can we use in our own friendships that we have learned from Bella and Tara?

Friday February 28th

Are We Bringing Positivity to The Friendship?

Have students watch the clip below from Prince EA


What kind of friend do you want to be?

What friendship habits do we have that might be bringing down our friends?

What things do our friends do that might be bringing us down?

Is it too late to change the type of friend that we are?

Ana Travis

School Counselor

Sonntag Elementary