Mobile Weekly Update

5/23/2016 - 5/27/2016


Dr. Mehta:

Just a reminder to please keep the volume down and the chit chat to a minimum. It is a small pre-op/recovery area and the patients can hear everything. Please keep the door shut to the procedure room at all times as well. Overall, Dr. Mehta has stated things have been going very well!! He has made several changes to improve logistics and flow. He will be increasing his volume and will most likely have full days, moving forward. His plan is to have his partner join him and he will be doing two days a week. Things are moving in the right direction! Keep up the great work!!



Another reminder: If cases cancel on the DOS, you need to please cancel them in AOS as well.


We want to let everyone know that we are in the process of replacing these leads ASAP!

RN License Renewal:

For those of you who need to print your updated licenses, you can go to the below link.

Shout Outs!

"Pam was very kind and she was very efficient on the needle in my hand. 1 stick not 3. Great!"

Save the Date

~June 14th RN Meeting Follow Up Call Time TBA

~June 16th MD Meeting Follow Up Call Time TBA

~Blood Drive hosted by AMS & The American Red Cross: June 30th, 11am-4pm @ 8430 W. Bryn Mawr (right next door to our main office)

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