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Veterans Day & Planning for your Tests!

INFORM: Veterans Day Holiday & Module 5 Testing

This coming Monday, November 11th, is Veterans' Day. NCVPS does not have class on that day - so enjoy your day off!

However, please be aware that your Module 5 assessments begin on Tuesday, November 12th. Please see the schedule below for specific dates.

CELEBRATE: Random Learning Block Check.....

THANK YOU!!!!!! to Dustin, Caroline, Anna, Andrew, Megan, Jordan La, and Jhasmine for accessing today's Learning Block post through Moodle!!!!!

Please remember that the hints and reminders are usually for the day they are posted - so read it as early as you can during the day!

INSTRUCT: What is an Acceptable Reason for not Participating in your class?

According to the NCVPS Student Handbook, students are required to participate daily in his/her NCVPS course. This includes following the testing schedule.

Acceptable Excuses are accident, injury, illness, or death in the immediate family.

Not Acceptable Excuses include Vacations, unreported computer problems, other commitments (this includes fields trips, games, and other school events).

This means that you MUST complete your test(s) on the scheduled dates, as specified by your instructor, unless one of the above acceptable excuses applies. We plan each test over two days for you to adjust your schedule - and we post these dates TWO WEEKS in advance. If you choose to not take your test on the first day, you MUST take it on the second. If there is a testing conflict, you must contact your ELA and me, to work out a reasonable schedule.

Extra Credit Puzzle - Module 5

Please find attached to this Learning Block post an Extra Credit Crossword Puzzle for Module 5. The Puzzle is DUE November 11th by 11:55pm.

Again, this puzzle was made for my f2f class a couple of years ago, but covers the same material as our Module. I give you a word bank because the vocabulary list we used varied some from the one we use in this course. The word bank for this puzzle is as follows: Active, Addiction, Altered, Amphetamine, Apnea, Binge, Biofeedback, Bruxism, Caffeine, Cayce, Circadian, Cocaine, Consciousness, Crick, Daydreams, Delusion, Depressant, Dreams, EEG, Elderly, Escape, Eyes, Four, Freud, Freud, Hallucinogen, Hypnosis, Insomnia, Intoxication, Latent, Manifest, Meditation, Narcolepsy, Narcotic, Newborns, Nicotine, Ninety, Nonconscious, NREM, One, Pain, Posthypnotic, Preconscious, Psychoactive, Quiet, REMSleep, Reverse, Selective, Sleep, Stimulant, Suggestions, Survival, Synthesis, Ten, Terror, Three, Trust, Two, Unconscious, White.