Why is important to recyle?

is important to recycle because is good for the enviroment and for us, if we recycle we are going to reduce the high quantity of waste, and emission of dangerous gasses to the atmosphere; our air is going to be healthier, our taxes are going to decrease because the goberment are not going to buy landfills to put the wastes. So if we recycle it will benefit both, humans and enviroment.

what is recycling's greatest economic benefit?

the recycling's greatest economic benefit is that the taxes are will decrease, because with the decrease in our waste, the landfills in which the wastes is placed it's not going to be necessary so the taxes of landfills will decrease.

What are the enviromental benefits of recycling?

-reduces the emission of harmful gasses and chemicals released from the landfills to the atmosphere.

-reduce the deforestation because recycling paper we will reduce it. reducing deforestation we are going to find the solution of many problems like the global warming, and we are going to preserve the habitat of many animals.

i learn that all the people of the city recycle, and make all possible to reduce the consume of energy, materials and other things.

all the people recycle in all the places of the city.