Bow Hunting

Nathan Stefan

Bow Hunting

Bow Hunting is a very fun sport where anyone can do it. I believe that bow hunting is more of a challenge then regular old gun hunting, why? because you need to practice with your bow a lot to get the feel of it and you need to worry about many other things such as your arrow you shoot, your quietness, the speed and pull back weight on your bow, and of course your sights. There are many different kinds of animals you can hunt. some of the main animals that people hunt would be deer, turkey, wild pigs, bears. Also there are those exotic animals such as big mountain cats, zebras, and wolves. There is even animals you can hunt with bow that people wouldn't believe how you would such as fish. Yes i said fish they make a reel for a bow that you can just sit and look for some fish and just shoot them and reel it right up to you.


There are many different sorts of bows. first of all there are small bows and big bows. if you are younger you would most likely have a smaller bow and if you are older you would probably have a bigger bow. Also there are many types of brands such as Mathews, Hoyt, Bear, Browning, Bowtech, and many more. i believe that all the brands have there advantages and disadvantages. i personally like Mathews bows better but everyone is different when it comes to bows and arrows. One of Mathews bows is the Mathews Monster. I like this bow because it is pretty fast and it is very quiet it also has no recoil or vibration. That is why i like this bow and use this bow when i go hunting. There is also a type of bow called a crossbow that are mostly for people that are handicap, or people that are of 65 years of age. (DNR 6). Crossbows are a lot like guns because you hold them more like a gun and they have a trigger and a safety. Some crossbows also have scoops that you look through like a gun does. About the only difference between a crossbow and a gun is the looks and the fact that a crossbow shoots a modified arrow. Crossbow arrows are much shorter then arrows from a regular bow and they have a different nock and flechings that are mad just for the crossbow.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Bow hunting takes a lot of practice because you have to set everything up the way you want it and will make you hit your marks you wanna hit. If you are a beginner bow hunter then you will need even more practice because you need to get the hang of shooting a bow and learn everything you will need for hunting. One of the big things in bow hunting is knowing distance. (mostly yards) knowing your distance from you to your target helps a lot because then you know what dot to use on your sights and or just knowing how high or low to hold your bow. When practicing shooting your bow you should try your hardest every time to shoot the bulls eye so that you know ware to shoot when your out in the woods. When you site in your bow try and shoot as many arrows as you can that way you can site your bow to hit your mark almost every-time. If you are practicing and shooting at a target you should shoot multiple times and try to get all your arrows you shoot in a tight grouping like in the picture on the left.

History of bow hunting

  • 1934-Year of the first Bow hunting season in the United States, held in the state of Wisconsin. (strictlybowhunting paragraph 11)
  • 1937-First use of bow-sights in archery competition. (strictlybowhunting paragraph 11)
  • 1939-James Easton experiments with making arrow shafts out of aluminum, rather than wood. (strictlybowhunting paragraph 11)
  • 1941-Larry Hughes uses aluminum arrows to win the American National (archery) Championship. (strictlybowhunting paragraph 11)
  • 1942-Hoyt Archery co. founded by Earl Hoyt, Jr. (strictlybowhunting paragraph 11)
  • 1946-Easton produces it's first trademarked aluminum arrows, the "24 SRT-X". (strictlybowhunting paragraph 11)
  • 1951-Max Hamilton introduces "Plastiflech" vanes to replace feathers. (strictlybowhunting paragraph 11)
  • 1953-Bear Archery develops and sells the first working recurve bows. Previous bows were straight-limbed longbows. (strictlybowhunting paragraph 11)
  • 1956-Hoyt Archery develops the first "Pistol grip" bow handle. (strictlybowhunting paragraph 11)
  • 1958-Easton develops the "XX75" aluminum arrow shaft. (strictlybowhunting paragraph 11)
  • 1961-Hoyt Archery introduces the "Torque stabilizer". (strictlybowhunting paragraph 11)
  • 1966-Easton develops the "X7" aluminum arrow shaft. (strictlybowhunting paragraph 11)
  • 1969-Holless Wilber Allen is granted a patent on his invention of the Compound Bow which he designed 3 or 4 years earlier. His original wheels were triangular in shape. (strictlybowhunting paragraph 11)
  • 1970-Compound bows and release aids make their national debut in U.S. national archery competition. (strictlybowhunting paragraph 11)
  • 1971-Andy Rimo develops the "flipper" rest. Pete Shepley starts PSE archery company. Flex Fletch manufactures it's first soft plastic arrow vanes. (strictlybowhunting paragraph 11)
  • 1974-Freddie Troncoso invents the first dual-prong arrow rest. (strictlybowhunting paragraph 11)
  • 1982-Cam wheels on compound bows first appear. Previous wheels where perfectly round.
  • 1983-Easton develops the first carbon arrow shaft. (strictlybowhunting paragraph 11)
  • 1992-The Olympic torch, in Barcellona, Spain is ignited using a flaming arrow shot by Antonio Rebollo of the Spanish Olympic Team. Matt McPherson founds Matthews Archery Co., manufacturing bows with single-cam technology. (strictlybowhunting paragraph 11)
  • 1995-The Compound Bow is included in the World Target Archery Championship competition for the first time. (strictlybowhunting paragraph 11)

Laws in Wisconsin for bow and arrow

Bows, Arrows, and Crossbows

Crossbow means any device using a bow which, once drawn, is held solely by means other

than the effort of the person firing it (DNR 6 ).

Crossbows are legal for any person to use for hunting turkey under authority of a turkey

hunting license and small game under authority of a small game license or non-resident

furbearer hunting license. (DNR 6)

Crossbows are not legal to use for hunting small game under the authority of an archery

license except by the following individuals:

1. Resident and non-resident disabled huntersissued a ClassA, Class B Crossbow, or Class

C Disabled Hunting Permit or Crossbow Permit.

2. Persons 65 years of age or older with an appropriate hunting license. (DNR 6)

Arms Transportation

It is illegal to:

• possess or transport in a moving vehicle any firearm (other than a handgun), bow, or

crossbow unless it is unloaded. (DNR 6)

Other things you can do with a bow and arrow

There is more to bows and arrows then just bow hunting. You can go to competitions and bow shoots and win new gear or trophies for getting the best score when you are shooting. By best score when your shooting i mean if you hit the bulls eye it would be like 15 points and if you hit the next ring closest to the bulls eye it would be 10 points and go down as the rings get bigger. If your go bow hunting you should go to bow shoots as well so you can become a better shot and be better at knowing ware to hit different animals and knowing how to tell distance. Another thing you can do with bows and arrows is to just shoot for fun such going to a bow store and practice shooting different and new bows. shooting balloons hanging on targets, or an egg hanging from a string watching it blow up if you hit it is a good feeling and is fun to do and is a challenge at the same time. You can also shoot moving targets such as a Manichean deer that is moving back and fourth or a target that moves farther or closer to you so you can get good at knowing your range.

Why you should become a bow hunter

Bow hunting or just bow shooting isn't for everyone. If you are not into bow hunting i courage you to try it because it is and exciting sport that anyone can do man and women boys and girls everyone. If you are one of those people that don't like to kill animals than i would say shoot bows just for fun or in competitions because just the feeling of shooting a bow and hitting a bulls eye or a moving target or even a egg tied to a string and hitting it, seeing it blow up all over the place is a good feeling. If you are one of those people that like hunting but have never hunted with a bow i encourage you to try hunting with a bow because it is something completely different then gun hunting and it is more of a challenge. Another reason why you should try bow hunting is because when you have your bow set up and you are out there in the woods there isn't as many people out there taking all the deer or turkeys or what ever you are hunting away from you. If your are interested in getting a bow and setting it up so you can go hunting or go to a bow shoot do it because you wont regret it!

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