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Week 1 Update

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First Week of School

We are having a great first week of school. The students came in anxious and ready to begin the year. I began this week with introductory activities so the students could get to know their classroom, peers, and me. We started the week with many organizational and procedural tasks. The rest of the week we began to dive into our curriculum.

Our Units

Math- On Monday, August 22 we will begin a unit reviewing what students learned about fractions at the end of fifth grade.

Reading- We will focus on character development through our reading workshop.

Writing- The students will be writing personal narratives that describe the important moments in their lives.

Word Study- We will begin by assessing students knowledge of their no excuse spelling words.


Technology has an important educational role in our classroom. We use a variety of technology resources to aide in our curriculum. Our classroom only has four laptops and two desktops available, so in order to work towards a one to one ratio of students to technology we have decided to allow BYOD, bring your own device. Your students will be allowed to bring in their own laptops, ipad, tablet, kindle, etc. and access the school's wifi with signed permission from you.

I do wanted to let you know that the wifi they are connecting to is the school's, which means there are multiple modes of protection. We, as teachers, also heavily monitor the students action on the computers. The students could also lose their internet privileges if they misuse it.

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Class Website

I will be posting the students nightly homework on my class website. My class website is designed to provide information to parents, and to provide resources for students. As the year progresses I will be adding resources for the students to use to aid them in their studies. You can visit our class website at:

Google Classroom

Students will all be added to my Google Classroom. This is a great way for students to share ideas with one another and this is how many assignments will be turned in. You are able to download the Google Classroom app on your phone and use your student's gmail and school password to login and also see what assignments are posted in Google Classroom. Google Classroom also offers a calendar function for students to track assignment due dates. This is the first resources students should go to for information regarding most assignments. Project rubrics and research links will be posted on the stream page as well as on the about page in the current unit's folder.

Khan Academy

This week we worked on setting up each student in Khan Academy. This is a great resource for parents and students to use at home for math help. I will assign tasks for the students to complete based on what our current math unit is, but this site offers great ways to practice or study for upcoming tests. Along with practice problems Khan Academy offers many videos that help to further explain concepts we discuss in class. This site also offers an app that can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet.

Late Work

My late work policy is as follows:

All homework is to be turned in on time for full credit. For each day it is late it will go down a letter grade. After 5 days any homework turned in will be awarded no more than half credit. After we have finished a unit any homework that has not been turned in will result in a zero.

If a student does not have a homework assignment completed they will be asked to fill out a Late Assignment Slip and turn this in until the assignment is completed. This is a way for the student to take ownership in his or her work while developing a plan on how to complete the missing work.

Let's have a great year!

Mrs. Candi Harris

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns.