By Daria Garrison

Persivence is not only making it through adversity but learning from it. persivence is not easy but you shouldn't give up. Lots of people have had to persiver.

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was a very noble person but he didn’t have it essay while on the baseball field he had to learn to leave his combativeness in the locker room. He faced many problems and never gave up. On April 15,1947 he stepped to the plate and broke the color barrier.

It wasn’t as easy as people think though. He had to have lots of personal strength to deal with the things that people seid. He had to carry the hopes of lots of people and the fact that people were waiting for him to fail.

He also had to be tough enough to withstand fans profanity from the stand and the taunts of rashal. He endured incredible abuse without fighting back.

Not only that but he also took equal bravery to speak against racial injustices and moral issues even when no one else thought to or cared.

A carp gives a lesson in perseverance A descriptive pariah

Rosetsu had always wanted to be an artist but his learning was very slow wear as everyone else were becoming grete artist. He was considered the dumbest person in his group. His teacher tried to help him but was losing hope for Rosetsu. Rosetsu on the other hand had lost all hope and decided to go home he felt very inadequate . He did not make it home instead he lay down under the pine trees and fell asleep. The next morning he started to go home only to turn around hearing a large carp which was persistently jumping out of the water for a sembei. He watched the carp as it tried many different ways to break the hard ice and get the sembei . The carp did edvenchily brake the ice getting to the sembei. The carp was not in the best shape with cuts skales missing bleeding and bruised but he was still rewarded for his amazing perseverance. Rosetsu having seen this gained new hope and would not give up on his dream to be an artist.

The Boston Marathon cose and effect paragraph

On April 15, 2013 the boston marathon bombing took place. Dzhokhar and his brother are the terrorist that were responsible for the tragedy it happened for petty reasons. They did it to make a statement and scare people . The victims made a support group and shared recovery stories and advice. They could understand how everyone felt when it happened and how hard it was afterword. They decided to turn there support group turned into the 415 running group. In the the 415 running group they trained and built resilience and reach new levels. They wanted to run past the scene of the attack so that they could finily triumph

and take back the marathon.

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Lots of people have had to persiver. But they didn't give up. Persivence is not only making it through adversity but learning from it.