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Jade by Jack Crosby

The story of jade

Jade is a type of ornamental rock originating mainly in China and parts of Southeast Asia. There are two main types of jade, called jadeite and nephrite. The biggest difference between the two is the types of crystals inside the rocks. Jade is remarkably strong, stronger than steel, having a hardness level of 7. In later years it would be used for jewelry and religious artifacts. While it can be found in many different colors, it is most commonly found in an emerald or white color. Today it is still valued for its beauty and use in jewelry.

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Fun Facts About Jade

- Color is mainly green, yet also contains some white and gray.

- Hardness is 7.

- Has no cleavage.

- Jade is mostly found inside large rocks, such as boulders.

- It has no transparency (opaque).

- Jade has the strength needed to be carved into many intricate designs, which is one of the many reasons why it is used for jewelry.

- One of the biggest structures made from Jade is an eight-meter tall statue of the god Buddha, made in China, acting as a symbol of peace.

- A character in the video game series Mortal Kombat is named Jade, a woman dressed mostly in green.

- There was a singing group in the early 90's called Jade and there was also a movie in 1995 that was also called Jade. Neither of them have much to do with the mineral, however.

About the author

Born in April, Jack Crosby's birthstone is a diamond.

The diamond is one of the most popular minerals in the world, and it also has the honor of holding the title for being the hardest substance on the Mohs scale. That doesn't mean it doesn't break, however. But it can scratch any other mineral, and cannot be scratched by anything other than another diamond.