The Frigatebird

By: Shirel Cohen and Choshen Shelly

Fact File About The Frigatebird

*Name of the Animal: frigatebird.

*Where it lives? The Islands of the tropical oceans.

*What it eats? It eats fish.

*What can it do? It knows how to fly, hunt and run fast.

How the Animal Looks???

*A Frigatebird is smaller than a little bird. It is black and red that knows how to fly.

*A Frigatebird bird has a long tail ,a sharp beak and very long wings.

*A Frigatebird has a big red belly that opens when Frigatebird wants to impress males.

Magnificent & Great Frigatebirds Footage In The Galapagos from Quasar

Why A Frigatebird is Special?

A Frigatebird is a special bird Because her stomach swells like a balloon When It sees Male.

Is It A good Animal For A Pet?

It Is not a good animal for a pet because it needs space and has to live in the nature.

It is a free animal.