The Islamic Religon

A Quick Overview

Origins of the Islamic Religon

People who are Islamic try to live their life according to gods word. They made their religious symbol the moon and star because they lived in area that was so hot they had to travel by night. The moon and stars guided them at night so they thought of making that their symbol. They believe that there is only one god and that he has multiple prophets, those prophets are Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. The prophets job were to spread word of the religion across the land.


Muhammad was one of the prophets of the Islamic Religion. He was the last of the prophets and most people believe that he was the greatest. What he did was one day while he was meditating he had a revelation that he was going to be a prophet and the teacher of the new belief, Islam. When he had his revelation he began by telling the people of Mecca. Some of the people believed him while others prosecuted him. He fled to Medina so his prosecutors couldn't catch him. When he was in Medina he raised an army and went back to Mecca to convert all the people who weren't yet Islam. He did it without blood shed and slowly his word kept on spreading.
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This Area Contained Mostly Islams

Religious Differences

The Islamic Religion was a lot like Christianity and Judaism it was based off the two religions. Hindu's are polytheists while Islams are strictly monotheists. Confucianism is centered around learning while Islam is centered around a god. Taoism is mainly about working with nature while Islam is about following set rules. These are some of the differences but there are many more.