Keystone AEA PBIS

Year 1 Day 4 Review

Consequence System Review

Your school's consequence system should be consistent, fair and easily enforced. Keep the following in mind when your team is developing the consequence system:
  • Behavior definitions - know what you are looking for
  • Major/minor - staff managed versus office managed
  • Menu of consequences - one size does not fit all
School Leadership Videos - Using Data

Office Discipline Referral Systems

  • Contains definitions of: major discipline incidents, minor discipline incidents, a continuum of discipline procedures
  • Data can be summarized in a narrative or graphic form (graphic representation is recommended)
  • Is presented to all staff
  • In analyzing the data, you must make sure to answer the following questions:

    Who, What, When, Where and How Often (The Big 5)

  • Clarity on the referral form takes the guess work out of the data entry person’s job

  • Data will be more reliable and accurate as judgment calls are minimized

  • Staff managed (minor) and office managed (major) referral forms
  • Consider inclusion of additional elements: function, triggers/antecedents
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Family Engagement = Student Success

Family Engagement

Increasing family engagement in education may be an important strategy for addressing the achievement gap that has been growing wider in schools. In the past, we may have viewed family engagement as an end in itself - something that would make our jobs as educators easier, and something that just seemed like a nice thing to do. The recent research has made it clear however, that family engagement is not the end - it is the means to the end - a strategy for attaining our real goal, which is improved student success in school and in life. It has become increasingly clear that we need families as much as they need us - and that our best chance for improving our students’ success is to fully embrace families as partners in the education of our children. Consider:
  • How can your school begin to engage families with PBIS?
  • What are your next steps?

Before the Next Year

Before our next training, please complete the following:

The PBIS Year 1 At A Glance handout was developed to assist you with your planning the remainder of this year.


You have completed your first year of training. Thank you for your commitment to improving school climate and appropriate student behaviors through implementation of PBIS in your schools. We are excited to work with you again next year and we look forward to hearing your success with PBIS Kick Off in the fall. Training dates for year two will be shared with teams before the end of the school year.