Señora Mills’ Spanish 2 Tigers

Weekly Newsletter

1/31/16 Weekly Updates

Have you asked your student about the fashion show yet? You are sure to get a response! Overall, the students did a great job strutting their stuff on the PAC stage and describing their classmates! I am working on compiling the shows into a video...

This week, we a re wrapping up some odds and ends with Unit 6 in the book. There are two verbs that mean "to know" in Spanish, and we have been working to define the differences between these verbs since they are used in very different ways. Ask your student!

We will also be learning about "Lele" or Indirect Objects and Pronouns. This is the person or thing that indirectly receives the action in a sentence. (ex: I read the book to her.)

Coming to a Spanish Class Near You!

  • Unit 6B -zco Verbs Formative - Tuesday, February 2nd
  • Unit 6B IOP Formative - Monday, February 8th
  • Unit 6B Summative - Wednesday, February 10th

Curriculum Corner

Unit 6B

  • Saber and Conocer (Verbs meaning "to know")
  • -zco Verbs
  • Indirect Objects and Indirect Object Pronouns

Your student needs to look over the new vocabulary words and concepts for 5 minutes per night!

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