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What is is an online sharing community and image host. It offers free image hosting to millions of users a day, and a comment/ based social community. All the tools in imgur are completely free for us and the awesome of the page is that you can see fast images like gifs or maybe. if you are searching a specific topic, imgur is the best way to find it.

The beggining was created by Alaan Schaaf, a boy who started the company while he was studying computer Science in Athens, Ohio. The page which the creator called "an image hosting service that does'nt suck", was created as a response to the usability problems encountered in similar services. In the first five months, the page had a good ranking in the world and a lot of people started to use it. In the beginning, Imgur relied on donations to help with the web hosting costs. As the site grew, it needed additional sources of revenue to keep up with demand.

You only write "" and that's all!

I am very lazy...

Don't worry! It is not necessary create an account in! You can upload images and put it in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram... But if you want to take the page more seriously, you can create an account and save all the information. For enter in this awesome page you only need your cell phone! It is amazing, right?

How can I use

It is so easy! Here is a short video about the use of But there are more things that this awesome page can do..
A quick Tutorial: Roll explains the usage of

A video to a gif

How to Create GIF from YouTube Videos using Imgur’s Video to GIF Conversion Tool/Service