Instructional Coach Weekly Update

Week of September 5-9

Strategy Spotlight- How Can I Support You?

We're two weeks in and I know we are beginning to get into the swing of things! I really appreciate those of you who have reached out to me, wanting my support in some way - I love being in the classrooms! In case you need some ideas or reminders of different ways I can support you and your students, here are some ideas:

  • Model a specific strategy in your classroom - Free Response, Jot Dots Summary, Annotating Text, Highlighting, Red/Yellow/Green Questions, CLOZE reading,
  • Help assist with or model assessments - sight words, Walpole screener, phonemic awareness screener, MAZE, EasyCBM, etc.
  • Help assist getting certified on FAST
  • Model any Write Tools lessons - IE, Opinion, Personal Narrative
  • Model IRA
  • Teach IRA in your room so you can go observe another teacher teach IRA (this works for any subject!)
  • Be an extra set of hands the first day (or two or three) of signing on and using Dreambox (or any other tech program)
  • Work with a small group of students on something they need some extra practice with or possibly a new way of hearing something
  • Technology support- for teachers or students :)
  • Co-planning together - finding/gathering additional resources, try something new, increase differentiation, work on increasing accommodations/AIM, etc.

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SGR Walpole Lessons

Here are the links to the SGR Walpole lesson templates:

1. Word Recognition and Fluency

2. Fluency and Comprehension

3. Comprehension and Vocabulary

** Don't forget to File "Make a Copy" before using a template

Most teams have created 3 folders - "Word Rec/Fluency," "Fluency/Comp," and "Comp/Vocab" within their "SGR Lesson Plans" folder, that is located inside their grade level's "CIA" folder. This will allow all team members access to the lesson plans in the future.

Leveled Library Update

This weekend we were able to move more shelves into the room so hopefully by the end of the week everything will be organized and looking good!

In the meantime, I know several of you need to get your hands on some of those books this week - please come find me and we can go down together if you can't find what you need since things are still in piles on the floor :)

If you have new books to add to the leveled library throughout the year - bring them to my office and I will label them and then add them to the library.

There is a sign out sheet for you to sign out all books you take out and again when you return them. Look for the clipboard to be hanging behind the door.

Some things to remember:

  • Lexile levels written on the back of all books
  • Think a book has been mis-leveled? Double check by going to
  • These books are only to be used in class and should never be taken out of classrooms. They should never be stored in lockers, cubbies, pendaflex, backpacks, etc.
  • Designate a bin/tote/basket in your class for students to return books to each day.
  • Keep tabs on how many books you have (missing books will have to be replaced).
  • If you have a parent volunteer it would be great if the book bindings could all be reinforced/repaired with clear plastic tape before the students first use them.
  • Tears, rips, damaged pages, etc. should all be repaired right away by the classroom teacher.
  • Remember - EVERY STUDENT MUST HAVE THEIR OWN COPY - no sharing books!

This Week

  • Monday - No School :)
  • Tuesday - PD
  • Wednesday - 12:30-3:30 meeting with Barbara
  • Thursday - All day Blended Learning PD (I will not be in the building)
  • Friday - IC meeting 12:00-3:30
  • Attend team planning when I am able to
  • Model writing lessons in 4th grade
  • Work on finishing the leveled library
  • Begin work on Standards Tracking Books


Thank you to the EIGHT people who sent me an email last week letting me know they had read my entire SMORE :). I will be in touch with each of you this week and will cover a recess or before school duty for each of you ASAP! I appreciate those that take the time to read through this weekly communication!