Melankomas of Caria

Boxer and Victor

The LIfe of a Victor

Melankomas of Caria was born in an area now known as Turkey. He lived on the year of 49 A.D. Melankomas was a great boxer, and he boxed until he was physically unable to. He had to stop boxing at a young age and died very young. He competed in many competitions as was the Victor in the 207th Olympiad. Melankomas was undeafeated and never hit or was hit by an opponent. Melankomas will be remembered for his undeafeat and his strength and endurance. He could fight all day, even during the summer and not hit his oppenant to end the match quickly. Melankomas exercised far more than any other athlete at the time. There is a story that he put his arms up for two days straight without resting or putting them down.