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Assignments are being regularly graded. A zero (0) in the grade-book means that an assignment on the schedule was not submitted.

If students are having any problems with understanding how to complete assignments, they should contact me immediately.

Students should ALWAYS complete the handout activities prior to taking the quizzes. The activities help the students acquire the information assessed. Students may find the handouts in the right blue section of page seven of each unit.

Flipboard Geography Magazine - Resources for assignments and discussions

I created a news magazine that I "Flip" articles related to Geography and the units studied in the course into. Please refer to these articles to help with assignments and discussions.

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Discussion Tips

1. Read the Directions for the post.

2. Support your statements with facts and recent information.

3. Make your post early and NOT right before the due date. This helps everyone have better discussions.

4. CHECK YOUR Capitalization and SPELLING! Online class discussions are not the place for posts that appear as if they are text messages.

The word I should be capitalized.

There should not be misspelled words. There is a Spelling check at the bottom of the post window. Spell checks frequently have the letters abc and a check symbol. You should ALWAYS check your spelling before you post.

5. When you respond to a classmate, keep in mind that your assignment is to discuss and NOT publicly evaluate the other student. You should not tell the other student that he or she misspelled a word or belittle the other person's ideas or thoughts. It only makes you look bad to make these types of posts. It also appears as though you do not know how to have a discussion.

6. Good response posts say more than simple agreement or disagreement statements. A response post is a way to extend the discussion.

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Weekly Online Meetings - Synchronous Sessions

Adobe Synchronous Sessions are held once a week. Check in every Wednesday from 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM.

It is very important to attend these sessions live or listen to the recordings. This time is for you to receive help with the course content, asks questions, and participate in enrichment activities.

We will have our next meeting on Wednesday, from 6:00 - 7:00 to answer questions.

Click Here to Attend

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Please note: Students may work ahead of the course schedule. Doing so, prevents many students from receiving late work penalties.
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Extra Credit

There are dropboxes that have been created for students to turn in their completed Map Activities, Key Concept Activities, and Video Activity assignments. Students who complete and turn these in may earn up to 10 points on the corresponding course quiz (Map Quiz, Key Concept Quiz, Video Quiz).

To submit work:

Click Assessments. Select Dropboxes. Click the link for the Unit for which you are submitting work. Add or upload your work.

Unit Test Preparation

My students who received top grades have said that they prepared for tests by reading through the unit again. Then, they studied the review activities. They also reviewed their answers to the activities they had taken quizzes over. At the top of this newsletter there is information about viewing your quiz feedback. It is a good idea to review any quiz items previously missed.

Late Work Policy

The GaVS Late Work policy will be followed when I grade your late assignments. This policy can be found below and in the Student Handbook. Please note that the policy is different for summer courses.

Friday -Sunday at midnight - 10% deduction
Monday at midnight - 20% deduction
Tuesday at midnight - 30% deduction

No assignments from the past benchmark will be accepted after 11:59 p.m. Tuesday.

Contact Information

"Official" Office Hours of Availability: 11:00 - 2:00 & 5:30 - 7:30

In addition to these hours, most students find that if they text me or call, I will respond prior to and well after these hours. Students should Email me using their GAVS O365 email account.