Mardi Gras Game Presents!!!!

Selective Saturdays!!!

Every Day is A Celebration! We the Game!

Mardi Gras Gang!
  • Every Saturday we will have an Extravaganza, until we have a bldg and are able to host parties for everyone!
  • Food and Drinks will be served
  • Location will be text to people who confirm every sat at 8p.m

Want to join the team!

• Do you spend at least an hour a day on social media websites?
• Do you enjoy going out and having a good time?
If so I would like to invite you to join a movement that is like no other in the nightlife right now; we will be innovators of this entertainment industry right now.
• Perks Include:

• Free Trip every 4 months!!!-
• Giving Back to the Community
•Free Cookouts every weekend

Dallas Shubert

phone number : 706-558-7570 email: twitter: mardigrasgame1

About us:

Mardi Gras Game! wants to redefine the word gang as it is in Webster’s dictionary. (A gang or company arranged to act together to achieve the same purpose). We are an event planner company out of Statesboro, Ga. Our mission is to host & plan events for the masses. Our 1st priority will always be safety. Every event will be a unique experience that only Mardi Gras Game will be able to deliver, which includes a marketing team of a diverse group of ladies there to entertain and make sure the entire guest have a good time. Our business philosophy is “every day is a celebration” and we want to give our customers everlasting memories of attending. In the end we want to be perceived as a company that is for the people, which includes nightly giveaways and weekly events that give back to the community on regular basics. Our company image are the beads; the beads represent this tough economy we live in with the low cost jewelry we are delivering a message that says its shouldn't be expensive to have a good time. Every Day is A Celebration!!!

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