Hydroelectric energy

What it is,does,and can cause

Advantages that can Dams bring

Dams can bring many advantages including: They run on water, they produce electricity, water (what they run off of) is a renewable resource and can be used and used again and again without having to replace it. Dams are not a bad thing and could help the environment I'm a good way.

Disadvantages of Hydroelectricy

The Disadvantages of Hydroelectricity

Like all power plants, hydroelectric plants are very expensive to build, and must be built to a very high standard. The high cost means that plants must operate for a long time to become profitable. The creation of dams can also create flooding of land, which means natural envrionment and the natural habitat of animals, and even people, may be destroyed. The building of dams for hydroelectric power can also cause a lot of water access problems. The creation of a dam in one location may mean that those down river no longer have control of water flow. This can create controversy in places where neighboring countries share a water supply.

How Hydroelectricity is formed

Hydroelectricity is formed when water from a reservoir goes into the dam and spins the turbines, and when the turbines spin electricity is formed!

Where Hydroelectric Dams are most abundantly found

•in China dams are easily found with an assumption

of about 80,000 dams

:The United States also has many dams that can be seen with over 75,000 dams

The Harmful effects that hydroelectricity has on the earth

They can cause global warming when made

Global warming emissions are produced during the installation and dismantling of hydroelectric power plants.

They can cause difficulty for local wildlife

Dammed reservoirs are used for multiple purposes, such as agricultural irrigation, flood control, and recreation, so not all wildlife impacts associated with dams can be directly attributed to hydroelectric power