Español Y el cerebro

By Emily ruff

Young ones

Younger aged kids learning 2 lauguages at a time have an advantage...why?, because they're not basing what they're learning of prior knowledge. Older ages tend to base what they're learning off prior knowledge and it affects the way they learn but at a younger age you really don't have much knowledge to base ur learning off of. Comprehension of a kid hasn't truly Been taught yet so it's easier too learn when learning to lauguages. The comprehension is easier because the knowledge an adult to have compared to kid isn't remotely close so the kid can learn both at a time.

Adult learners

Adult learners

Adults tend to have a dis advantage yet an advantage when learning a second launguage. Adults when learning have an advantage with strategies they can use to learn faster, have prior knowledge to base off of to comprehend the second launguage, and also has greater control meaning going places and learning the environment of that launguage or coulture like living there...they have options which a kid doesn't. The disadvantages to learning a second launguage as an adult is that it takes 4-10 years to be a fluent speaker and writer of the launguage. Adults also tend to have a motivation problem most are impatient and give Up unlike kids who have a class to learn in every day and a teacher to motivate them!