Badminton Circuit Excersises

By: Julia Faught

Exercise #1 : Running in place

Running in place will help increase your stamina and speed when you play badminton. All you have to do is run in place. Reps: 14 Sets: 5

Exercise #2 : Crunches

Crunches will help you increase your abdominal strength for badminton. Materials: A Mat. Steps for doing crunches: 1. Lie down on your mat with your knees up and feet on the ground, 2. Then slide your hands up while lifting up your body do not lift up your feet or your legs while doing this. Reps: 10 Sets: 4
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Exercise #6 : Hop Ups

Hop Ups is an example for muscular endurance training for badminton. Steps: 1. Hop up onto the stool, Step 2 Hop down from the stool. Materials: A stool of some sort.
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Please Push

Please push this other wise you will be missing out on something. So PLEASE PUSH IT REAL HARD!