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8th grade newsletter

Week of March 4 - 8


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Important Dates:


4th: Start of new AC Labs

8th: End of Yuda Band Sales

15th: End of 3rd Quarter

22nd: House Day

25th - 29th: Spring Break


Below you will find the link to the Proficiency Scale for ELO 8 and 9 (Angles and Pythagorean Theorem). Ask your child where they are currently performing. They have that information in their 8th Grade eBinder.

Students need to either have their book or have access to the online book to be able to ensure their understanding of the concepts by doing their independent work.

Week at a Glance

Students will work with angles (ELO 8, Angles and Triangles).

This Week's Objectives:

Students will be able to understand and apply angle relationships and start their understanding of the Pythagorean Theorem.

Daily Independent Work:

Monday: Lesson 5-1 Lines; Worksheet on Solving Equations

Tuesday: Lesson 5-3 Angles of Triangles; pg 394 10-12, pg 395 16-21

Wednesday: Lesson 5-3; Worksheet

Thursday: Quiz; Lesson Activity on Identifying parts of a right triangle

Friday: Lesson 5-5 Right Triangle Relationships; Worksheet

Advanced Math

Week at a Glance:

This week students will be applying their knowledge of the Laws of Exponents to equations.

This Week's Objectives:

Students will apply the Laws of Exponents to equations with exponents.

Daily Independent Work:

Monday: Quiz 6.2

Tuesday: 6.3 Rational and Radical Equations; Worksheet

Wednesday: 6.3 Rational and Radical Equations; pg 222 21,32-42 even

Thursday: 6.3 Equations with Variable in the Exponent; Worksheet

Friday: 6.3 Pythagorean Theorem; Worksheet

Social Studies

Week at a Glance:

In social studies students will be finishing their project over Andrew Jackson. Look for a study-guide to go home Monday and we will test over Objective 9 on Tuesday this week.

Students this week will be answering the question, "Was Andrew Jackson a Hero or a Villain?" Students will have assignment choices:

Assignment Choices:

  1. Create a cereal box about Andrew Jackson

  2. Use Google Slides to create a virtual cereal box (same directions as above).

  3. Create photo flashcards about Andrew Jackson (In google classroom).

  4. Write a persuasive essay answering the questions “Was Andrew Jackson an American Hero or Villain?” and use all the key terms.

Students will be learning:

Objective #9

Was Andrew Jackson a Hero or a Villain?

Objective 9 Important Vocabulary:

Trail of Tears, National Bank, Kitchen Cabinet, Jacksonian Democracy, Nullification Crisis, The Spoils System, Tariff of Abominations

Learning Target for the Week:

Objective #9: Students will explain connections between historical context and peoples' perspectives at the time in American History.


By Jings! We's had a mighty fine time with Tom, Huck, Joe, and Becky this week, but more's on the come up. Aunt Polly told us we's reading more of th' Adventures of Tom Sawyer for to comprehend it ((8.RL.3.D), and that then we'll be writin' down our thoughts on the theme of it (8.W.2.A.c).

If you's got a kid yourself, check 'em on what they have to read.

*You need to bring your charged chrome book everyday to be successful.



Develop models to describe the atomic composition of simple molecules and extended structures.

Weekly Agenda:

Monday: Complete baby books of your assigned element

Tuesday: Make a class periodic table using our elements: periodic table group characteristics notes

Wednesday: Complete periodic table notes: battleship periodic table.

Thursday: Learn about chemical formulas and how to make models of them

Friday: More chemical formula and model practice