Music During the Civil War

Morgan Rockwell Period 2

What was music used for during the Civil War?

Songs and music were an important pastime for soldiers during the war. Words were sometimes changed, so now when you look for a song, there could be at least two different versions of it!

Songs that were Sung/Played

I could just play you some audio clips I found in the depths of the internet, but what fun would that be? Instead, I've prepared a few pieces for you on the piccolo. Here are the songs I've prepared for today:

Dixie- This song was widely popular throughout the South, and some say that it was the unofficial anthem of the Confederate States of America.

Battle Cry of Freedom- This song was written during the Civil War to advocate the cause of the Union. It became very popular and was even adapted for the South later on. However, this marching song's purpose was to promote freedom.

When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again- Everyone knows this song right? What you probably didn't know was that it was popular to both sides during the Civil War. It didn't really have a place in the North or the South, but it's catchy tune is what made it so popular.